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I have a flash fiction story that has been “lost” in slush piles so many times, but finally has been accepted for publication. Coming out in July.


My chapbook was a finalist in the 2023 Gold Line Press competition

Why I Separate Fiction from Flash Fiction 09.18.2023

The difference between writing flash fiction and short stories is that flash fiction makes me feel possessed, like I have to keep writing even when I don’t know what is happening and it’s not even me who is doing the writing or thinking, whereas with short stories I am like a detective, or an excavator, and then after I solve the mystery, I am the criminal designer of the trap. They are very separate processes for me, working different parts of my mind.

history. 07.18.23

I have existed in some form on the internet since 2002, thus the way this place looks. deadjournal, livejournal, myspace, xanga,, deviantart, various youth writing forums, blogger, tumblr are lost places of my adolescence. you can try to find them if you want. I've been online journaling forever, in notebooks even longer. I don't mind having a trail. I will occasionally use this space as a place to put updates on things I’m working on.